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Професия: Creative Hub

Категория: Видео, Музика / Аудио, Танцьор

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We are a group of young business professionals in the domains of marketing, music and dancing.

Motivated by a vision for a fairer and more sustainable future, our mission is to support projects that the world should see and hear more of. Оur core belief is that inspiration really, really matters as it leads to greatness. Because of that we strive to help the inspired ones convey their inspiration to as many others as possible with all the resources that we have at our disposal.

MUZE Music is currently the #1 digital music company in Bulgaria. We pride ourselves on working with a diverse roster of talented artists, both new and established in the industry. Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for our clients by providing a wide range of services, including digital distribution, music licensing, management. By working with well-established companies such as Believe Music, we are able to offer our artists a unique and comprehensive approach to their careers in the music industry.
MUZE Marketing is the fastest-growing 360-degree marketing services provider and offers individually designed marketing approaches for fulfilling customers' goals and projects. One of the main ideas of Muze Marketing is to challenge the status quo to fully concentrate on putting brands under the spotlight.

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гр. София
Актьор / Статист, Модел, Handmade Артист
Visual Artist / UX/UI Designer
Дизайнер, Художник / Анимация, Други
гр. Sofia
Създател на съдържание в социалните мрежи
AI Артист, Актьор / Статист, Дизайнер, Инфлуенсър, Модел, Танцьор, Други
гр. Велико Търново
Актьор / Статист, Видео, Модел, Музика / Аудио
Beauty Артист
гр. София
Актьор / Статист
гр. Пловдив
AI Артист, Актьор / Статист, Писател / Текстописец
гр. Бургас
Художник / Анимация, Handmade Артист
гр. Варна

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