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Category: Architect
gr. Plovdiv
The Iconographer
Category: Artist / Animation
gr. s. Medkovets
Category: Music / Audio
Technical Assistant
Category: Actor / Extras, Culinary Artist, Model, Photo, Handmade Artist, Other
gr. Varna
Category: Handmade Artist
Category: Actor / Extras, Model
gr. Sofia
Category: Influencer / UGC, Dancer
gr. Sofia
Graphic designer
Category: Designer
Category: Actor / Extras, Music / Audio, Writer / Lyricist, Other
gr. Sofia
Category: Photo
gr. Sofia
Category: Video, Influencer / UGC, Dancer, Photo
gr. Nova Zagora
Marketer, model
Category: Actor / Extras, Video, Model
gr. Varna

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With the development of social networks, influencers are becoming a key element in online society. INFILMIT brings influencers together on one platform.
The photographer creates visual poetry expressing an individual style and unique view of the world. Discover your photographer at INFILMIT!
Inspiring and game-changing, artists express their uniqueness by seeing the world in new ways and challenging it by addressing risk and change.
Turn your hobby into a source of income using your skills, monetization and marketing by starting patiently and creatively.
Great painters such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh left an incredible legacy in the history of art.
The director, as a creative visionary and leader, shapes the vision and guides the filmmaking process, leaving a unique mark.
The revamped INFILMIT platform provides easy access to skilled performers in the arts, solving the search and hiring problem.

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