How to behave in a job interview ?

Rules and recommendations

In this article, we pose the question that most excites every candidate for a new job position. How to impress the interviewer?, "What will guarantee winning the desired job? Every meeting goes differently and sometimes situations and circumstances arise that cannot be foreseen. But there are rules of conduct and recommendations that could help your job interview go successfully.

Don't be late

Specify your departure time in advance so that you are on time at the agreed location. Remember that you may get stuck in traffic, looking for a parking space, or even get lost.

You will make a good impression if you arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier than the agreed time. This will show that you value your own and the interviewer's time.

If you are still running late - call and give an estimated time of arrival.

Be calm and smile

Make a good first impression.

Pay attention to your behaviour from the moment you enter the building. Be polite to people you meet. You don't know if one of them is your future, possible employer. To appear confident, straighten your body posture.

Body language plays an essential role in making a good impression. Don't cross your legs, hide your hands under the table, shake hands excessively or adopt an overly relaxed posture. Rather than suggesting confidence, there is a possibility that this could be interpreted as disrespecting your interlocutor.

Maintain good eye contact and smile.

Pay attention to clothing

Clean, simple, tasteful - no matter what position you're applying for, if you follow these three guidelines, you'll leave a good impression.

If you are applying for a position in a business environment, opt for a skirt/pants, shirt and blazer in neutral colors. If the environment is less formal - you have more freedom.

A tip for the ladies : opt for light, everyday makeup, discreet jewellery and a non-intrusive perfume.

At the conclusion of a job interview, it is advisable to express your gratitude for the time. If you follow the above recommendations, you are sure to have left a good impression.

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