Body language and how it brings us success

Which verbal cues to avoid and which to improve?

93% of our communication has to do with the nonverbal cues we give. This statistic is taken from Mehrabian's Communication Model. It states that body language is more important than tone of voice and word choice.

Body language reveals much of our personality, feelings, emotions and intentions. The signs our body sends are difficult to control, so they give away our true interests, feelings and attitudes. They are spontaneous and subconscious. These signs can support our verbal messages, but they can also be contrary to them. For this reason and important to be able to recognize them.

It is wrong to believe that business and proficiency in non-verbal communication have nothing in common. And that may be what is preventing you from developing professionally.

Avoid these non-verbal messages

  1. Crossed arms - With this posture, you show "closedness", a physical barrier, that you are not open to suggestions from other people. You show a sense of disinterest.
  2. Too many gestures - it will show that you want to cover something up.
  3. Avoidance of eye contact - with this gesture you show a lack of interest or that you want to hide something / lie. In a competitive business environment, you can't afford to do that.
  4. Frequent watching of the clock - this shows a lack of interest, disrespect and impatience to finish the conversation or meeting. It is a demonstration of a high ego and a message that you have more important things to do.
  5. Playing with hair - You send the message that you are distracted and not interested enough in your career, but rather in your appearance.
  6. Weak handshake - lack of confidence.

Here's how to improve your verbal cues

How do you engage the audience when you speak? Keep your head upright, sit or stand with a straight posture and open hands (palms). These gestures show that you are sincere with your listeners.

Try to face your interlocutor by tilting your head slightly to the side.. Through this sign you will show interest and attention.

Maintaining eye contact - Confidence, strength, leadership and intelligence.

Be smiling - A smile symbolizes openness, confidence and that you are friendly.

Do not cross the proximity boundary - Respect the privacy of your listeners, colleagues and employers. Too much closeness can even unleash aggression.

The ability to control your gestures and read the gestures of others will help you in every aspect of life.


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