How do I upload a job ad and present my business?

Upload an ad in INFILMIT and present your business in the best way.

INFILMIT is an online platform that allows you to present your business in the best way. In the current article, we will look at 2 main components related to the job offering opportunities:

"How to upload a job ad" и "How do I present my business in the best way?"

1.How do I upload a job ad?

In INFILMIT you have the opportunity to upload a job posting in the field of film and visual arts.

There are a total of three steps to upload a listing, and the time required is no more than 1 minute.

1.1. "Login or create an account"

On the home page you will find the "Login/Registration" buttons on the top right. Enter your username and password (as an employer), and if you don't have one you can quickly and easily create one.

Once you have successfully accessed your account, proceed to post your ad from the red button - "Post an ad":

1.2. "Describe your company and vacancy"

In a second step, you need to follow the predefined, for your convenience, structure for entering information. INFILMIT gives you the opportunity to enter a title and description for your ad. Mark its location, category, type, remuneration, and customize it with your own cover photo.

INFILMIT also allows you to specify an expiration date for the job posting (if you need one), and to change the email you have previously set in your account to receive notifications.

EXAMPLE: You post 4 ads in different categories, each of which is targeted to a different specialist in your team who is responsible for it. INFILMIT gives you the ability to target notifications from different ads to different email addresses. If you do not wish to take advantage, leave the field blank and the system will automatically route notifications to your primary email address.

When you have entered the required information you need to click on the button "Next"which will take you to the 3rd and final step.

1.3. "View and upload an ad"

In the final step, INFILMIT presents all the information you've entered in an easy and convenient format so you can quickly and conveniently review it before publishing. If you need to edit, click on the "Back.", and if everything is ok - "Publishing".

Congratulations! You have successfully posted your first ad in INFILMIT. Candidates from our website will start applying soon.

We've looked at posting an advert, and in part two we'll look at how to increase interest in your advert and your company by presenting your business in the best light through our platform.

2. How to present my business in the best way?

Build a rich, impressive and motivating personal corporate page on our website with a few clicks. To make this happen, you need to click on the button "Profile." in your personal admin panel.

Here you can fill in or edit the already entered name and description of your company. We recommend that you write a brief history of your company, its mission, vision and goals, and corporate values.

Add your logo and further customize your page by uploading your own cover.

You can note the category(s) you are in and the location of your headquarters. INFILMIT also allows you to add more than one location if you have multiple offices in the country or the world.

You can also easily and conveniently attach links to different social networks and to your website. When you're ready - click "Save.".

On the same page, you can change the account's primary email address and your password.

INFILMIT is built to connect you and your future employees in the easiest and most accessible way possible. Grow your business today.


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