How to create an impressive CV ?

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When we apply for a job position, our CV is the first meeting with our potential employer. For this, it is advisable to be interested in the topic "how to create an impressive CV?" In the following lines we will list some of the basic and mandatory elements.

CV is the key to an interview invitation

Through your CV you advertise and present yourself. If we imagine that there are 100 CVs on an employer's desk, yours should show how you are valuable and important for the position you are applying for. Describe yourself and your capabilities fully, accurately and clearly. If you have many years of experience, you need to create a cv that concentrates your professional experience according to the objective you want to achieve.

CV language

When you apply for a position in Bulgaria, of course the language of writing will be Bulgarian. But it is extremely important, when applying for a foreign employer, to be in a language that they understand.

For each new application - a new CV

This is necessary because each employer's requirements are different. And for the application to be successful, it must be in line with them. It should be noted here that a large number of CVs sent does not necessarily mean success. Our recommendation is to look around, edit and send an impressive CV. Emphasize the personality and professional skills you possess. Consider which qualities and skills are interesting, attractive and in demand, depending on who will be reading them.

Use the most searched words by employer

A list of words that every employer looks for in a CV:

  • coordinate
  • optimize
  • Manage
  • expand
  • Build
  • Rate
  • improve

If you're about to apply for the job you want, take a look at your CV and follow the recommendations listed above. They could help you to structure and select the right information.

In the next article you will have the opportunity to read more of the requirements and enrich your CV. "How to create the perfect CV?



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