How to write a cover letter ?

A few easy steps in creating a cover letter.

In the following lines, we will describe the anatomy of a well-structured and impressive cover letter.

If you already have experience in applying for a job, you know that big and serious companies require a cover letter. Its purpose is to impress the employer so that he invites you for an interview. A cover letter is an answer to the question, "Why do you want to work for us and why should we hire you?".

Cover letter structure

Address - the cover letter is written for a specific company and a specific, offered position. If you have information about the name and position of the person to whom you are sending the letter, it is appropriate to write it. It is advisable to add the position for which you are applying, because it is possible that the company offers more than one job for different fields;

First paragraph - it is advisable to add the job you are applying for, because it is possible that the company offers more than one job for different fields. Speak in the singular, mention your qualities and qualifications briefly;

Second paragraph - show that you have researched the company and that your decision to apply is informed and conscious;

Third paragraph - the gist of your cover letter. Briefly state, without repeating information from your CV, your skills, competences, qualifications and experience. Match them to the position you are applying for. Describe how you see yourself and why you are the ideal candidate for the position. You may insert a link to your professional portfolio or a reference from a past employer (if you have one).

Conclusion - express your eagerness to meet and move on to the next stage of the application. Express your gratitude to the team who took the time to read and review your application. After writing your name, it is advisable to add contact details.

Layout and style

Use strong verbs or the so-called "most sought-after employer words" - manage, coordinate, increase, evaluate, improve.

The focus of your cover letter should be - your experience, professional qualifications and qualities you possess.

Warning for grammatical and punctuation errors - if you have any doubts, it is advisable to contact a specialist to check and correct what you have written. After all, the cover letter is the key to moving on to the next stage of your application.

Format the text - Leave spaces and form paragraphs. This way the text is easy to read and comprehend.

And there - your cover letter is ready. Attach it to your CV and apply for your dream position.

If you're struggling to create an impressive CV, we have the right guidelines for you, just click here.


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