How do I apply to an INFILMIT ad and create an impressive personal presentation ?

Apply for an advert on INFIMIT and present yourself in the best way quickly and easily.

INFILMIT is an online platform that will help you find the job you want more easily. In this article we will look at 2 key features:

"How to apply by advertisement" и "How to impress with a personal presentation".

1. How to apply by advert?

You can view job listings from the world of film and visual arts, right on the home page of You will find filters for quick search.Category of ad" и " Location of ad" with drop-down menu.

If you'd like to view our most recently added listings or access a page with all the listings posted on our website, just scroll down a bit on the same page. Here you can see a summary of our most recent listings or click on the "See all".

The "See all" will take you to the listings page where you can filter by "Category of ad" и "Location of ad". When you find the job advert(s) that match your search, you simply need to open the desired job position and apply for it.

How do I apply for a job?

On the job posting page, you will be able to see in detail everything the employer has attached as information: description, benefits and requirements. You can also quickly and easily find out more about the employer itself by clicking on the logo (picture).

If the listing matches your search, all you need to do is click on the "Entry for applicants" - top right.

Enter your username and password, and if you don't have one, you can quickly and easily create an INFILMIT account. Registration takes under a minute and gives you full access to all the features we have developed for you. Take advantage of our promotional period until 14 August 2022, until when all packages on our website are worth 0.00lv. and do not require the registration of a debit or credit card.

Once your account has been successfully accessed, you can now apply from the button on the top right:

After clicking the "Apply" window will appear for you to fill in and attach the necessary information about you, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Fill in your name, phone number and email to contact you outside the INFILMIT system. Our website allows you to attach your CV from your computer and write a cover letter to present yourself in the best light to the employer.

We encourage you to take advantage of the extremely convenient and valuable functionality of the INFILMIT system - personal presentation (CV). This is your personal space (web page) on our website where you can describe yourself in a very rich, simple and pretentious way. You decide whether to:

  • attach "Summary" at all
  • attach a specific "Summary" (INFILMIT allows you to create more than one)

And how to make an impressive personal presentation - summary, we will describe in the second part of the article.

2. How to impress with a personal presentation (summary)

After your registration you just need to log in to your personal profile.

In the left menu you will find the button - "Personal description". Click "Publish" and simply follow the steps to publish your first resume.

We divided the information into 2 main areas:

Basic information

You have the opportunity to select the location and job category you want to apply for. INFILMIT gives you the opportunity to describe what languages you speak, what level of job you expect, what position you are interested in and how many years of work experience you have.

You can attach a portfolio, personal photos and a video presentation (YouTube or Vimeo). Add links to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or your own website) as well as your personal professional description.

Summary details

There are never superfluous details. The INFILMIT platform allows you to describe your educational and professional path. You can quickly and easily list all the educational institutions you have attended, indicate the degrees and qualifications you have obtained. In the work experience section you can describe all the positions you have held so far - what, when and where you have worked. With one click you can add new and new information field. A rich and well described personal presentation always helps the employer to learn more about you.

We know that you may be interested in more than one professional field

INFILMIT allows you to edit an already published summary, duplicate it or add more than one, for the different types of listings you are interested in. In this way, you will be able to maintain maximum purity and specificity of information about the different professional fields that interest you.

We respect your privacy

The personal information you enter is only visible by you and the profile of the employer to whom you have applied. Your information is locked and confidential to all other users of the INFILMIT system.

INFILMIT strives to be your truly helpful partner in discovering new career opportunities. Take advantage of all the features we have prepared for you and stay tuned for more useful articles on "How to..." on our blog.


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