Tips for returning to work after a break

Some useful tips from INFILMIT.

Every working person has faced the moment - returning to work after a break. And then having to quickly adjust to the working routine. Those first days of work are usually quite stressful. That's why we at INFILMIT have prepared some tips for you.

  1. Do not go immediately to the workplace

    Arrange for the return from vacation to be one to two days before your first day of work. This will make it easier to mentally adjust to returning to work. A good option is to return to work on a Wednesday or Thursday - this will make the working week shorter;

  2. Make a schedule/plan

    The day before returning to work after a break, take the time and make a list of tasks you need to get done. Spread them out well by hours and optimise your time.

  3. Bring a souvenir or a photo from a favourite moment

    This is bound to give you the dose of good cheer you'll need to start your first day at work. Don't hesitate to place a souvenir or a photo on your desk.

  4. Rest at work

    If you go full speed into the work process, you will surely get tired faster. This can lead to a job poorly done. Find time to rest, get out in the fresh air so you can come back recharged and with fresh ideas.

Often the anxiety of returning to the workplace after a break in related to the fact that we may have missed changes occurring in the work environment. But that's what colleagues are for. Don't be embarrassed to ask them to talk you through and guide you through the work process. Schedule a meeting with your entire team and recap your goals and objectives.

Enjoy your break and follow our tips for a relaxed start to the work process.


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