Is it important to have a job reference?

Cover letter, CV and reference - a step forward in finding a job.

CV, cover letter and reference are the three main elements of your job application. Unlike the first two, the recommendation is information about you, but provided by an outside source.

Recommendation or job description are the two names of the same document, which is issued pursuant to Art. 3 of the Labour Code. According to that provision, 'an employee shall have the right to request from his employer an objective and fair description of his professional qualities and the results of his work or an objective and fair recommendation when applying for a job with another employer

In other words - it is a short text that describes your professional experience, skills and qualities you possess. The purpose of the reference is to keep you one step ahead of the competition for the selected position. The recommendation provides a clearly reasoned thesis as to why the reader should choose you - what makes you a good fit for the selected job.

Tips for requesting a job reference

Choose people who have a positive opinion of you, and don't limit yourself to former employers. Consider colleagues, professors, and even clients. They can make an excellent recommendation for you. Make a list of these people,

Allow enough time for your chosen person to write the recommendation. And be sure to specify the position you are applying for. This way, the job recommendation will be accurate and clearly worded according to the requirements. This is where using the compiled list comes in. Choose someone who can speak to your abilities and capabilities in the given field.

There are many companies for which a cover letter and your CV are sufficient. But there are also those for whom it is important to read the "reference" from your former employer. This way they will understand why you were let go from the position, how the work process went and whether you are a reliable employee.


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