Why do we change a job most often?

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There are people who dedicate their careers to one company. But this is increasingly rare as the job market changes more dramatically. New skills are in demand and the criteria for a skill set is different. In today's article, we will describe a few reasons why we change jobs most often.

Better financial conditions

Studies show that employees who stay more than 2 years in a company get up to 50% lower salary. That is, companies do not promote their staff with a higher salary or bonus.

People who change jobs more often learn faster and achieve higher results, precisely for the reason that by staying for a shorter time, they give their all to the company.

Whatever we say, it's about money. We all work for it. A higher salary is a prerequisite for an employee to make more commitments and compromises that they would not otherwise agree to. But a high salary must always be accompanied by at least one other argument. It should never be the only reason if the outcome sought is satisfaction.

Company with flexible working hours

To a large extent, the sphere of action also determines the working hours. For example, professions such as doctor, production worker, accountant. For them it is not effective to introduce flexible working. And also an important factor is the productivity of a person - some are like this in the morning, others in the evening.

Flexible working hours are a major reason why people most often change jobs. It does not oblige the employee to be permanently at work, but to have worked 40 hours per week. Advantages of this type of management is that employees have their time - it allows a balance between the personal and professional world, prevents overwork and takes advantage of conditions for maximum concentration. The employee has the opportunity to improve his qualifications, to pursue his hobby. And this, in turn, leads to a maximally fruitful work process.

Starting your own business

Before proceeding to this step, some of the main questions to be answered are "Do I have the qualities to be an entrepreneur?", "Am I good at dealing with difficulties?" and "Are the arguments for implementing the idea realistic?". By making this decision, it should be clear that this does not mean "less work", but modelling the work "your way".

One of the safest situations to take for granted is receiving a paycheck from an employer. Another is the difficulty of solving a particular case. Advice can always be sought from a manager or colleague to solve it. In private business there is an absence of this element. All newly arising questions are waiting for an answer from you.

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